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OJ wheels double duro slappy reds 58mm


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OJ - Ace Pelka Slappy Redz Double Duro 58MM 101A/95A Skateboard Wheels


Experience superior performance with the OJ Ace Pelka Slappy Redz Double Duro 58MM 101A/95A Skateboard Wheels, complete with a complimentary stubbie holder.


Ditch the quiver!
Our Double Duros pair the advantages of our top-performing 101a and 95a formulas, scientifically tested to withstand tough terrain while delivering the velocity and glide of 101a urethane.

No more bumpy roll.
Experience a smooth ride on even the roughest terrain with the built-in suspension of these high performance 95a urethane skateboard wheels.

Make 'em bark!
The outer urethane of the 58MM Ace Pelka Slappy Redz Double Duro skateboard wheels has a 101A/95A rating, allowing for fast rolling and loud sliding, sure to turn heads with every trick.

The perfect wheel for an imperfect world.
Experience the unparalleled performance and adaptability of our specially blended formulas, providing unmatched roll quality on even the most challenging terrain.

Double or Nothing.

These OJ Wheels utilize advanced 101a and 95a formulas, carefully crafted into the versatile Mini Combo shape by precision cutting. The Mini Combos offer a wide road surface for stability and a consistent slide, with an asymmetrical shape featuring a round back and conical front for customizable set ups.

Set of 4 wheels

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